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ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) is the commercial large loss division of ServiceMaster. With over 50 regional offices and another 400 commercial response centers in the United States, SRM is able to mobilize and manage its vast resources, equipment, manpower, and expertise at a moments’ notice. This unparalleled bandwidth enables SRM to not only respond quickly but also to scale our resources to meet the needs of our national clients. In doing so, we are able to manage our resources more effectively, reduce claim severity and minimize business interruption.  


SRM is able to accomplish these outcomes for our clients through a pro-active approach towards disaster planning and by centralizing the process from the first notification of loss through to final billing. As an SRM client, you will receive a dedicated account management team that will serve as your recovery partner before, during and after a loss. This single point of contact approach gives you the power of a $3 billion dollar company, without compromising the personalized level of service we pride ourselves on. 


SRM provides global recovery solutions including content restoration, environmental services, construction services and more. Here are the services you can expect from SRM:


Natural Disaster Recovery
Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, forest fires, and flooding are fun to watch on the weather channel, but they’re not so much fun to experience. These natural disasters can be devastating to your business. Luckily, SRM has advanced training in dealing with acute commercial disasters of all kinds. Our goal is to minimize the amount of interruption to your business, while successfully restoring your building’s structure and contents.


SRM goes above and beyond by not only restoring your facility following a disaster, but we also provide several preemptive services for businesses including: contingency plan implementation, storm tracking and resource allocation, immediate site inspections and estimates, catastrophe and Mini CAT management. Not to mention, we also have mobile command centers to allow for fast response time across the country.


Building and Site Stabilization
Depending on the type and severity of the damage, your commercial building may require site stabilization. Every situation is different; therefore, SRM is prepared for it all! Below are the building and site stabilization services we will provide your business as necessary:

  • Water Damage Restoration and Mitigation

  • Smoke and Fire Restoration

  • Board-up Services

  • Temporary Roofing

  • Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping

  • Dehumidification and Moisture Control

  • Odor Control

  • Emergency Power/Lighting

  • Temporary Air Conditioning and Cooling Towers

  • Security Fencing and Armed Guards

  • Portable Toilets, Showers, Hand-washing Stations, and Laundry Facilities

  • Fuel Tankers

  • Dry Ice Blasting and Pressure Washing


Content Restoration
Every business contains items of value, especially electronic and document files that are critical to the operation. SRM understands this, which is why we put just as much of an emphasis on restoring these items as we do for restoring the building’s structure. Here are the services we provide as part of our content restoration:

  • Complete Pack-out, Shipping, and Storage

  • Contents Inventory Management

  • Document/Vital Records Restoration

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Equipment Restoration

  • Fine Art Restoration

  • Hard Drive Data Retrieval

  • Machinery/Industrial Equipment Restoration

  • Media Recovery


Environmental Services
SRM is dedicated to providing disaster restoration services that help keep people safe from environmental hazards that can occur following a disaster. Our team has been trained in all of the proper techniques to safely handle any potentially dangerous substances. Here is a list of the environmental services that SRM provides:

  • Asbestos and Lead-based Paint Abatement

  • Bacteria and Virus Remediation

  • Engineering Controls/Consulting

  • Mold Remediation

  • Professional, Licensed Testing

Construction Services
One of the many services that make SRM unique is our ability to provide project management and consulting for commercial construction projects. If your building requires construction following a disaster, SRM can supply numerous renovations to allow the process to run smoothly with less stress on your business. Here are the construction services we can provide:

  • General Contractor

  • Consulting

  • Complete Interior and Exterior Renovations including: painting, carpentry, floor covering, tile, carpet, VCT, laminate

  • Demolition and Site Cleanup

  • Drywall

  • Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

  • Engineering

  • Finished Hardwood

  • Fixed-cost Estimates

  • Project Management

  • Roofing

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