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The O’Reilly Hospitality Management Property Loss Program

If not resolved quickly, a disaster could mean serious damage to your O’Reilly Hospitality Management Property. At SRM, our single mission is to get you back into business as quickly and safely as possible. The moment you need us, we mobilize our local command centers to assure fast response and restore your business to full operation. 

Pre-Loss Planning

With a pre-loss plan in place, SRM is better prepared to quickly respond fast to whatever your business is facing, and minimize losses by stabilizing structures and mitigating damage from water, fire and other events. Contact us today for a free property assessment.

SRM Mobile App

SRM provides its clients with a secure cloud-based mobile application to help tailor a recovery plan based on O’Reilly Hospitality Management's needs.
Touch to dial feature enables the client to engage SRM 24/7/365.

Advanced Resource and
Equipment Staging

By having the ability to provide power, water, and sanitation services in addition to implementing pre-loss preventative measures, SRM truly is a recovery partner you can
rely on.

Priority Response To Your Loss

As an SRM Recover client, you'll receive preferred status to our array of services, resources, and response capabilities.

24/7/365 Exclusive Emergency Response Phone Number

O’Reilly Hospitality Management has an exclusive live answered 24/7/365 dedicated response phone number: 888-927-5665

Diasater Operation Center

Our Disaster Operations Center tracks global weather and potentially catastrophic events that may impact your business.

Pre-Approved Pricing

A pre-approved pricing schedule is always in place before you ever utilize our services.




As part of the agreement between O’Reilly Hospitality Management and SRM, a set of service level agreements have been established setting the benchmark and expectation any time our services are required. Below are some of the key steps to our recovery process. 

Upon request for service:

  • SRM will be on-site within 4 hours after service request and make contact with the onsite point of contact.

  • SRM will contact the O’Reilly Hospitality Management location within 30 mins of request with an estimated time of arrival.  

  • SRM will provide a recommended mitigation/recovery plan and detailed photos to O’Reilly Hospitality Management and the local point of contact. SRM will communicate with the point of contact and O’Reilly Hospitality Management for authorization prior to any recommended demolition/removal of material.


  • SRM will provide a daily project management report to the location and all necessary parties until the agreed plan has been completed.

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